In a nutshell…

I am an American expat with an MSc in Fisheries Management at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. I love travel, and subsequently the build up and anticipation of planning a trip to places that are completely new to me. Hopefully this blog will help others plan their own adventures. I’m currently enjoying experiencing the world with my loving Aussie boyfriend, Benny Mac. I’m also going to tell stories about life as an expat in Australia. I’ve been here in QLD since 2008 with no plans to leave anytime soon!

Nat’s Passport Stamps: USA (All over), Honduras, Belize, Bahamas, Fiji, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia (Sumatra and Bali)

Benny Mac’s Passport Stamps: Australia (With treks through Hinchinbrook Island and 4wd fishing trips up in Cape Tribulation), New Zealand, USA, Indonesia (Sumatra and Bali) and Mexico

And this is what this blog is about:

A Narcissist and Her Blog


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