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Man, where has this blog gone? Nowhere!

I’ve decided to jump back on this bandwagon. I feel there is a lot happening in the next few months (years?) and it is worth cataloging and spreading around the google-sphere. What this means as well though, is that the core content of this blog may change.

Benny Mac and I have set some long-term and short-term goals for the next few years. We are trying to keep an eye on the prize, if you will, and help us focus on what is really important. The journey to these goals is going to be shared here, and we’ll see what really resonates with my writing and with you! Here’s a run down of our goals and what you can expect:


Get fit enough to hike the Thorsborne Trail by October

The Thorsborne Trail is a 32 km hike over Hinchinbrook Island. The whole thing takes about 4 days depending on how many off-shoot hikes you want to do. Benny Mac’s parents are interested in joining – bonding experience? The Hinchinbrook Channel, adjacent to the island, has a professional connection with me as well. My MSc project revolved around the recreational fishing industry in the Channel: basically a snapshot study of seasonal fluctuations in fishing effort and motivation of travel for the out-of-towners.

What this means for Benny Mac and I are lots of weekend hikes and healthy eating. I’m going to start talking about each hike we do to prepare for Hinchinbrook. I already have a few under my belt to talk about. Stay tuned!

Early photo when I was site scouting for my thesis. Easy to see why I picked Hinchinbrook

Early photo when I was site scouting for my thesis. Easy to see why I picked Hinchinbrook

Improve my photography skills and learn Photoshop

I’ve started the online DSLR basics class offered by A Beautiful Mess. I’ve gone through a few of the basics lessons and am starting to move into material that is new to me. I’ve also joined the forum Light Stalking, a great site for uploading photos to a Shark Tank to get constructive feedback on composition and post production. Hopefully the combination of these resources and lots of practice give me some wall worthy shots! What this means for the blog – lots of photos. And please, lots of feedback.

My first submission to the Shark Tank, edited after their suggestions

My first submission to the Shark Tank, edited after their suggestions

Long term

Get married!

That’s right, we’re engaged! Over the Christmas holiday, Benny Mac and I went stateside to see everyone. In Tampa, where I’m from, I really didn’t anticipate having time to see all my college friends. Benny Mac took it upon himself to get everyone together for a surprise dinner. Lo and behold… he had a ring with him too!!

After much debate we have decided to do a planned elopement. We want to take a (few?) months off to travel and get married somewhere in the middle. We’ll tell everyone the whens and wheres so if they can attend…great! If they can’t or would rather see Australia….totally cool as well! But if they do join, we’ll have a short ceremony and drinks afterwards. We don’t know where, but are leaning towards southeast Asia. Hmmmm….

So the travel aspect of this blog is still intact as well. 🙂

Future Mr and Mrs Mac

Future Mr and Mrs Mac

Figure out my career

I haven’t been able to use my degree, to put it bluntly. There is a distinct possibility that my blog has been vacant because, well, I’ve been a little embarrassed about my lack of progress. The current government in Australia is not green in the slightest, and funding has been cut dramatically. This means lots of redundancies and no entry-level openings.

I’m at a crossroads between picking a new career or trying to change what I do with what is left of mine. It’s stressful, but hopefully something positive will result.


Townsville has been a great foundation for exploring North Queensland, but Benny Mac and I are both done and ready for a change. We would love to drive the east coast of Australia and move south (where the seasons are!!). Or maybe a return to the USA? Not sure, however, all of our long-term goals fit hand in hand. Which will happen first, I don’t know.

So here we go! Much change, much excitement. Lets see what the world brings!