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I’ve submitted my thesis……now what.

For the first time in my life I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know what is happening next. There is no more school left, no job waiting in the wings to scoop me up in the comfort of a predictable salary and superannuation.

Also for the first time in my life, I’m limiting my “next step” choices because of a man. I mean, really HE is the next step. Marriage and family, down payments on houses and cars. But even that is a bit fuzzy as an expat. We can’t just get married in our home town….we can’t just buy a house near our parents. Another blog for another day – the never-ending compromise of being in multi-national relationship.

Yea, I’m scared. Excited, sure, but scared is a more apt word. Excitement will come when there is something solid in the works but at the moment Benny Mac and I can’t even plan a vacation for 2013. There are too many variables that could impact any plans – will Benny Mac be in school? Will I get a job? Will they give me vacation time? The lack of even the simplest of plans has left me a little lost.

Change in this lack of planning really isn’t on the horizon either. I’ve looked into a couple of consultancy positions in town but their systems have a YEAR LONG wait for their graduate positions! Even change in my relationship status is going to be delayed – Ben’s apprenticeship is for a minimum of three more years and there is no way an engagement/wedding is on the cards in that time given even a simple wedding still involves international flights and in turn, financial backing.

Even my visa is transitional! The next visa I apply for has me in a bridging visa for a year and half (on average). During this time, I am not allowed to leave the country. Yikes!

In the meantime I’ll just enjoy the ease of working a non-professional job and the fluidity of my schedule. It’s not easy for someone like me, who gets frustrated when her weekly meal plans are upset by unforseen circumstances. (Side note: I make myself sound un-spontaneous and unable to deal with changing situations. Just for the record, it’s only applicable in everyday responsibilities and obligations. That’s all out the window when I’m travelling.)

Fingers crossed that the future is holding exciting and fresh changes for me and my little Ozzie family!!!!