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Because composing a thesis and writing scientifically is not hard enough.

Now I have to find a balance between the Aussie vernacular and my native style. The words I want to use are incorrect or spelled wrong. Aussies, for example, do not like the letter “z”. They do not even say zzzzzz, z. They say “zed”.

“Nat, you’ve spelled customised with a zed again.”

Microsoft spells it with a z, even under the Australian dictionary! Come ON, advisers! My polish last name shouts to the world “This girl loves ‘z’!! Let her have them!!!”

Something I bet most post-grads haven’t thought of – Is it a fishing rod or pole? Well, there is a difference you know. My dad fishes with a pole. My adviser fishes with a rod. Guess which word I’m using in my section on “gear selectivity”.

Aussies like the word fillet, with a “t”. Americans morph into Pepe le Pew and drop the “t”. I’ve actually picked this one up…sometimes. It’s a fish fill-a…but I’m filleting? The verb has a “t” when I say it. Go figure.

Not a part of my thesis, but a wonderful part of my meetings – the colorful use of the word “fuck”. Sorry WordPress, if there are children. A commercial fisherman in Australia has taught me how to swear. It just so happens, that commercial fisherman is my primary adviser. How many times have YOU heard “Fuckin’ ANOVA! Fuckin fuck…oh. There it goes.”

Because I’ve heard it once or twice.

Short post, because I’m still looking for my stray “z”.