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Ok, ok, I know I said I would start writing about Indo. Well, I kinda am. I was going to take it location by location, like so many blogs do, however, isn’t the first part about travel the actual movement of locale anyway?

trav·el verb /ˈtravəl/

  1. Make a journey, typically of some length or abroad
    • – the vessel had been traveling from Libya to Ireland
    • – we traveled thousands of miles
  2. Journey along (a road) or through (a region)
    • – he traveled the world with the army
  3. Go or be moved from place to place
    • – a traveling exhibition

See? It’s the journey. So the first part of our trip, is the plane and the airports.

Christ. But our adventure started before we even left the house. Online it said we had to check in an hour in advance. Well, sitting at breakfast two hours before our flight, feeling particularly punctual, I was absentmindedly reading our flight info. It basically says nope, lady, you are not punctual. You are supposed to be checking in RIGHT NOW.

Scramble scramble scramble. Our driver, Housemate C., had a big night before and was still “under the weather”. Kicking his ass in gear was harder than convincing a toddler the cookie is for AFTER dinner. So we get to the airport, Housemate C bolts to go home. We check in at the notoriously picky TSV airline counter, and thankfully, she lets us through. Ben decides he needs a de-stress coffee, and I call my dad. Hurrah! Life is good!

Nope. Talking to my dad he says “I can’t wait to see the photos!” Holy expensive camera Batman! I’ve left it at home. My brand new beautiful digital SLR is not with me. I tell Benny Mac the bad news, further exasperation. We tried calling Driver C., but we were pretty sure he lost his phone the night before. I call everyone (At 7 am…on a Saturday) and FINALLY my beautiful friend India Cora answers the phone. She picks up the camera (an awesome story for another day) which was in Driver C.’s car, and brings it to the airport. Savior.

The first flight is from TSV to Denpasar. I sleep, play with my camera, and help Benny Mac win at Angry Birds. It’s fairly uneventful.

Benny Mac and the Angry Bird marathon

The airport is the same, however, we consume the first of many Bintangs. The restaurant where we found our first beer made for good times, I have to say. We’d been playing tourist, taking tons of pictures, and playing with Benny Mac’s cell phone which has an English-Bahasa Indo translator. The girls behind the counter are listening to the phone and laughing at the monotone voice saying “Mi….goreng” Finally Benny Mac goes up to them to ask if it is accurate, but they all giggle and blush and just will not help him whatsoever. Clearly, though, Benny Mac is THE entertainment of the day with charades and attempts at communication.

Offering outside a business in Denpasar

Funny things about Benny Mac’s attempts at conversation; he is notorious for a couple things. Use of very obscure English words that I don’t think he uses at home and a double thumbs up when anything happens. (Correct translation-thumbs up! End of conversation-thumbs up!) I let this go on for awhile and finally ask what the deal is with the thumbs up. He didn’t even know it was happening, and I’ve come to believe he was doing it for his own encouragement. Awesome, not gonna lie.

Mau Ke Mana was great, I have to throw in here. All of our connecting flights were ready for us, we had the proper amount of baggage allowance, and everything was paid for. Two thumbs up for Mau Ke Mana! 😉

Me about to board our flight to Sumatra. Thanks Mau Ke Mana!

Our connecting flight wasn’t until later, so we set up camp next to our gate. There was a group of older Indonesians from Java waiting on the same flight who had the same idea. Benny Mac was having a ball trying to get their life stories and they thought attempts at asking him questions was fun too. This distraction made us miss the gate change, and five minutes before our plane is supposed to take off, we realize the situation. We said our goodbyes and bolted to the gate on the other side of the terminal where the lady was waiting for us. On board to Jakarta!

Our camp next to the wrong gate