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We’re leaving tomorrow! Go to the coffee shop and grab a hot one for the trip and we’re off on a 9am flight. 😀

I’ve made somewhere around a million ANZAC cookies for the trip. We will not be hurting for food, to put it mildly.

I feel like a slacker b/c I am no where near my goal of “things to accomplish before we leave”. Thank God for fellow students who have the same problems and go on trips anyway. I’m not the only one!

I’m an atheist, but a friend of mine has give me a miraculous medal to keep me safe. I’m already wearing it. There is a small one on Benny Mac’s bag too. We’re loved. ❤

Benny Mac is at home packing everything because I’m at uni still waiting to finish a lab practical and grade some papers. This makes me nervous because I like to be in control of these things. He’s stressing out because he’s trying to make sure he has everything. I’m sure he’s doing great though!! :S

I don’t really feel like we’re doing anything quite yet. Just feels like something is about to happen, and that’s about it.

Benny Mac says he doesn’t know what to expect and is preparing himself for culture shock. I, on the other hand, feel mentally over-prepared. If I was to divide this trip on who it is more for, I would say 57% is for him because watching him experience all this with the amazement that he has for everything is part of the tourist attraction for me.

I love sleeping on planes. Benny Mac seems to think this means he gets the window seat since he can’t sleep on planes. Hilarious, this guy.

We have decided to see a coffee “farm” in Sumatra instead of a full blown “plantation”. We’re just going to ask Pak Ramadhan to pull over when he sees one. Boss J says this is a reasonable request and that they “probably make better coffee.” Hmmm. Boss J is also giving me a book on the history of coffee to read for fun. Yummy.

I am bringing gym shoes to run. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

We’re having dinner with friends tonight at my favorite Thai restaurant in town. 🙂

And that’s it.