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I was doing some blog searching for American ex-pats living in Australia, I don’t really know why. One of those “recipe asks for certain type of cheese….look up what the cheese is…start thinking about ‘chemical cheese’ at Taco Bell…start missing Taco Bell…what do American ex-pats do if they get homesick for something like chemical cheese from Taco Bell’ random chain reactions of thought.

I mentioned in my first blog the benefit of travel blogs because you get a feel of who the person is and how seriously to take their advice. Well, I was reading one blog from a Jersey woman ex-pat who moved to Australia for her Aussie husband’s job and was homesick. Endearing…at first. Then 7 months down the line, she is still homesick. Fair enough, I’m over 3 years in, and still get homesick more often then I’d care to admit.

Until she starts talking about needing to go somewhere in the city. City, as in not Hobart, but another city in Tasmania to set the scene. Not a exactly “city” city, if you know what I mean. (Perspective-Hobart is the biggest city in Tas, with a population of ~200,000) But she can’t go to the “inner city”. Why? Because she has never been there by herself and doesn’t know her way around. After living there SEVEN months.

Her homesickness dilemma is lost on me because she has made no effort to make somewhere new her home. This is my first insensitve blog for this site.

I didn’t expect this from a Jersey girl.