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1.There is a species of beetle found only in Sumatra that lays its eggs in the ears of living creatures. When they hatch, the larvae crawls to the brain and eats from the inside out. Often there is a point where the victim sees a green glow because the larvae is acting on the optic nerve.

2. The Indonesian Hornbill builds its nest in a hole in a tree, and once they lay the eggs the female will close up the entrance with mud and poop and stay with the eggs for up to four months without leaving.

3. There are two “goodbye“‘s in Bahasa Indonesia. One means ‘good stay’ when you’re leaving someone. The other is ‘good leave’ for when the person is leaving you!

4.Each island has its own regional dish- there is no Indonesian cuisine. Bali example- bebek betutu is a duck stuffed with spices wrapped in banana leaf and coconut husks then cooked in embers. North Sumatra often cooks in animal blood.

5. A carnivourous plant in Sumatra is endangered because of plant poachers. What a career choice.

6. Sumatra has the highest deforestation rate of anywhere in the world. Since 1985, they have lost 45% of the forest to palm oil agriculture.

7. The population of the island of Java is 130 million. To put this in perspective, the population of Australia is close to 22 million. The area of Java is 139,000 km2(54000 mi2), while Australia is almost 8 million km2 (3 million mi2). Put that population density in your head!!

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