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A little back story:

Ben works a ridiculous job that consists of 12 hour shifts full of hard labor. His bosses are delusional at best, greedy f@#kers at the worst. The money is good, he lives a lifestyle he enjoys, but the work itself is not exactly mentally provocative. What he does and where he does it is irrelevant.

Being the excellent girlfriend that I am, however, I’ve taken the burden of sending him “Inspiration Indonesian Facts” at least once during a shift. I think he enjoys them, and I hope that I’m forcing him to learn something. So I’m going to post the ones I’ve sent so far, and hopefully keep up with posting the rest!

1. Each village in Bali typically adopt a single product, such as wind chimes or wooden furniture.

2. The long tailed monkey in Bali is highly respected. Two of the populations are believed to bury their own dead as as there are never many corpses lying about the forest despite the high population of monkeys. The burial ground has not been found, but the Balinese believe there is a very specific burial rite.

Photo credit: postersguide.com

3. There are 45,000 Bornean Orangutans left, but only 7,500 Sumatran. Sumatran orangs are more social and spend more time high in the trees.

4. In Bahasa Bali you say Thank you “Mattur suksema”. Mawali is you’re welcome.

5. Indonesia has a pirate problem.

6. The red on the Indonesian flag is for courage and the white for purity.

Flickr photo by jedavillabali

7. The word Sumatra is derived from the Sanskrit word for “ocean”.

8. Sumatra has more than 52 tribal languates and hunter-gatherer tribes still exist in the jungle.

9. The King Cobra is the world’s longest venomous snake @ 5.6m and delivers enough venom in one bite to kill 20-40 grown men, 1 adult elephant OR 1 human in 15 min.

10. Selamat tidur, saya suka kamu, saya rindu kamu is good night, I love you, and I miss you. (During a night shift. I’m so romantic.)

11. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, comprised of over 18,000 islands. Only 600 of these islands are inhabited. 

12. Indonesia has more volcanoes than any other country. Of these, 76 are active, with the highest concentration of active ones on Java and Bali.

13. There are 3 main pura, or temples, in Bali. 1st-Mountain, which is an abode for the Gods 2nd-Ones to honor the sea and its deities and 3rd- ones located within villages and cities for daily rituals. There are also several other types, including small family temples.

14. Male orangutans have cheek pads that act as megaphones to project long calls which sound like a loud roar.

15. The Balinese people follow not only the typical 12 month calender year, but also a 210 day ritual cycle called ‘pawukon cycle calender’