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Signed and sealed, our first trip to Asia is ready to happen. It’s just the time until that has us antsy.

I’m not going to go too much into the How of the planning yet. I’ll try my best to do this in sections so that I don’t get bombarded with writing something when I should be doing my thesis. This is just the “This-is-what-we’ve-got-so-far” part.

May 28th

Departure. Strategic flight from Townsville, QLD to Denpasar, Bali. Deal with customs, get our 30 day tourist visas ($25USD-only currancy accepted), practice saying “Selamat pagi” to everyone, convince Ben that the 6hr flight wasn’t that bad, and catch the domestic Sriwijaya Air flight to Jakarta, Java.

Arrive in Jakarta at 5:50pm and make a valiant effort to catch a trustworthy cab to Hotel Ciputra. Rumor has it that because it is attached to a giant mall food is easy to procure and is close to the airport so we beat Jakarta traffic. Sounds ideal after such a long day.

May 29th

Depart again! Domestic Citilink flight to Medan at 7am, arrive at 9:15. In theory, there is going to be a driver, Ramadhan, there to find us with “my name on a cartoon.” Jump in a car and start the 11hr drive to Kedah. This drive is supposed to be pretty hair raising, and I’m sure all four western eyes will be glued to the windows. I have no idea if we’ll be exhausted or excited by the end of it. Probably both. We’ll arrive at Kedah and stay in the Rainforest Lodges, meet our guide Jally and plan the itinerary for the next 7 days.

May 30th-June 5th

Look at orangutans, pet a cobra, try to decipher more than the green blur of jungle, probably throw out my knee, and a ton of stuff I can’t possibly even come close to anticipating.

June 6th

Drive back to Medan. Hopefully after a sleep in. Spending one night in the city.

June 7th

Two Lion Air flights, Medan-Jakarta-Denpasar, leave 11am land at 5:50pm. Fingers crossed that we don’t have to spend a night in Denpasar, maybe rent a scooter and drive to at least Kuta. Not entirely sure. The rest of the trip is going to be winging it. It is more a list of things we want to do, temples/places we want to see, and food we want to eat (Not kidding. For me-Food Tour Ala Bali and camera play time.) before we go home on the 21st.

I’ve also decided to put this blog on Lonely Planet and see if I can get some feedback. I’m going to go over how I booked my flights next time, because it was so frustrating at first and think the people I went through have been fantastic. (So far…)

Happy Easter, everyone!